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Agence Jouin Manku transforms Saint-Lazare priory into modern hotel and restaurant »

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SUPER//ARCHITECTS _ www.super-architect.com

student: Kao Onishi

university: Cornell University

location: Ithaca, NY

degree: B.Arch

advisor: Val Warke / Inaqui Carnicero

project title: MA - Metamorphic Alley

MA – a Japanese term meaning gap, pause, or the space between two structural parts.  

An interval in time and space that one physically experiences.

 Metamorphic Alley investigates the Japanese concept of “ma”, something not usually associated with chaotic urbanism, to create a new type of public space.  

MA is a strategy that rehabilitates an existing alley by altering its undesirable qualities into strengths.Rather than viewing an alley as leftover space, MA uses it as the starting point for an intervention.  The transformed alley is a transitional zone that extends up and into the large urban gaps. The space provides breathe and repose within the chaotic city.


 What’s the most important aspect of this project that we should be aware of?

This project is a strategy that can be utilized in any chaotic urban environment.  As a prototype, Shibuya was chosen.  The form and scale will change depending on the alley, the buildings, and the lot.

 What other fields outside of architecture interest you?

Theatre / fashion / product design / film

 Most important thing you learned in architecture school

Believe in your ideas. Don’t let the details get you, focus on the big picture.

 Describe your dream project?

Realizing imaginative projects that will excite the architect, the users, and the community